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Unleashing the power of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) to transform talent acquisition for businesses and elevate career progression for individuals.


An Intelligent Virtual Recruiter You Can Trust

01. AI Recruiter

An end-to-end recruitment solution for businesses that streamlines the hiring process, reducing time, cost, and human bias while ensuring the best candidate matches.

02. AI Interview Assistant

AI Interview Assistant is an innovative and intelligent platform designed to empower individuals in their job search and interview preparation. 

With AI Interview Assistant, users can confidently navigate their interview process, optimize their job search strategies, and unlock their full potential for career success.


Understand Your
Candidates Better

At, our mission is to revolutionize the talent acquisition landscape by providing cutting-edge AGI-enabled solutions that empower enterprises to optimize their recruiting efforts, while simultaneously equipping individuals with the tools and insights they need to excel in their interviews and advance their careers.


Product Design


Company Introductions: A brief overview of the hiring organization to help the AI Interviewer understand its culture and values.

Job Descriptions: Detailed information about the roles being filled, including responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required.

Resumes: Candidate resumes that outline their experience, skills, and education.


Personalized Question Generation: The AI Interviewer will analyze the job description and candidate resumes to create customized interview questions tailored to each candidate's qualifications and the job requirements.

Q&A Sessions: The AI Interviewer will conduct interviews with candidates through chatbots, voice, and video, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of their skills and fit for the role.

Evaluation: The success of the AI Interviewer will be measured by its ability to improve efficiency, reduce hiring costs, and increase hiring success rates while ensuring the performance of the hired candidates.


Report and Summary Generation: The AI Interviewer will generate detailed reports and summaries of each interview, providing insights into the candidates' strengths, weaknesses, and overall suitability for the role.

Candidate Ranking: The AI Interviewer will rank candidates based on their performance in the interview and their fit for the job, helping hiring managers make informed decisions.

Intelligent Q&A System: The AI Interviewer will include an intelligent Q&A system that allows hiring managers to ask follow-up questions and interact with the platform to further assess candidates.



Dual LLM (Language Learning Model)

The AI Interviewer utilizes a dual LLM approach, combining two advanced language models to provide superior natural language understanding and processing capabilities. This approach enables our platform to comprehend complex job descriptions, analyze candidate resumes, and generate highly relevant interview questions with ease.

Prompt Structure

We have developed a sophisticated prompt structure that guides the AI Interviewer in generating personalized questions and responses for each candidate. This structure is designed to maximize the relevancy and depth of the interview, ensuring that every interaction between the AI Interviewer and the candidate is meaningful, accurate, and insightful.

Real Data

The AI Interviewer's performance is continuously enhanced through the integration of real-world data. We collaborate with our early customers and adopters, such as startups, recruitment companies, traditional industries with high volume applications, and campus hiring organizations, to gather valuable data on job requirements and candidate performance. This data helps us fine-tune our models, ensuring that the AI Interviewer remains at the forefront of recruitment technology.

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